March 2019 – Present

Research Assistant

Technical University Munich

February 2018 – March 2019

Data Scientist

fino digital GmbH

April 2014 – January 2018

Student Assistant

Institute of Computer Science


Winter 2019

Summer 2019

Human-Machine-Communication II (Exercises)

Open Student Projects

Possible topics:

  • (Deep) Distance Metric Learning for Person Re-Identification in Tracking
  • Person Tracking in Videos recorded by Body-Worn Cameras

Be advised that all of my available topics are math and coding heavy. If you want to apply for one of the topics above or if you have an exciting topic for a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis that relates to my research, please get in touch.

Current Student Projects

  • Fast and Reliable RPCA for Background Subtraction in Videos
  • Deep Multimodal Learning for Problem Prediction in Prototype Manufacturing
  • Multiple Person Tracking in Non-Overlapping Video Streams


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact me. I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.